Hi! I'm a Brooklyn based musician, video artist, and part of the band WIN WIN. I've collaborated with a number of artists by producing music, scoring films, and creating and performing live visuals. You may have come here to see what I'm up too so I'll link to some of the people and projects I've been involved with here:

I make music as Ghostdad, WIN WIN, and Banana Seat, and have produced and collaborated with Alex Epton, Larry Cohen, Prince Rama, Spank Rock, The Death Set, and Cult Days. I've scored commercial projects for Gilded Audio and Rain Media.

I have made and performed visuals for Porter Robinson, Giraffage, Audien, Anamanaguchi, Golden Features, and Driftless Recordings.


Known to many by his old DJ name, Ryan Sciaino's practice centers around combining music and the moving image. He has performed live visuals at night clubs, venues, and some of the largest music festivals around the world. His visual practice started while touring with his band WIN WIN and continued while touring with the rapper Spank Rock. He has gone on to create visual experiences for several international touring artists. He started working with Porter Robinson at Coachella in 2012 and in 2014 he further collaborated with him by synching visuals for his critically acclaimed Worlds tour.

Ryan has scored three short films for director Larry Cohen as well as commercial pieces for brands including Facebook and Puma. He continues to produce music and play guitar with WIN WIN, who will release their third full length album on Arts and Crafts records in 2015. He works at home in Sunset Park, Brooklyn when not traveling to a city near you.